Clogged Drain Lines

If you have a problem with a drain that cannot be fixed with regular cleaning products, a drain cleaning may be necessary.  By using water pressure along with water volume, your plumbing system, drains and connective pipes will stay free flowing and clean.  Consistent cleaning and maintenance can help restore the function of older plumbing and add years to its life.

Signs you need drain cleaning services

  • Drain stays clogged or slow even after repeated plunging or treatment with clog remover products
  • Something was flushed down the toilet that was too large is causing a partial or total blockage of the pipe
  • Foreign object lodged in your garbage disposal
  • Completely blocked pipes and drains
  • Broken pipes
  • Change in water color/debris in toilet bowl or sink may indicate major damage to the sewage system or main drain pipe, especially when it occurs after a storm or other natural disaster.

  • Hair, especially when combined with soap scum
  • Quilted toilet paper
  • Non-flushable paper products, such as baby wipes
  • Cat litter (if flushed down the toilet)
  • Putting potato peels, coffee grounds, celery and eggshells down your garbage disposal
  • Putting food into a sink/down a drain that doesn’t have a working garbage disposal
  • Putting cooking grease, or other oily substances down a drain or disposal
  • Damage to water or sewage pipes
  • Damage cause by roots of trees


  • Standing water in sinks or bathtubs
  • Standing or pooled water on floors near kitchen and bathroom sinks, toilets and shower stalls/tubs
  • Water drains out slowly from sink or tub for no apparent reason
  • Overflowing toilet
  • Toilet doesn’t flush properly or makes bubbles when water is turned on at the sink
  • Strange gurgling sounds coming from the pipes and drains
  • Foul smell coming from sink or bathroom drains and toilet
  • Garbage disposal that doesn’t properly eliminate all the food inside it
Preventative Measures

  • Keep pipes and drains free of build up by proper disposal of fats, oils, grease and certain food items into the garbage instead of the disposal
  • Do not flush items such as personal or baby wipes down the toilet; only flushable products
  • Consider using a drain strainer in the kitchen and bathroom sink drain to keep food matter and other debris, such as hair, from entering the drains
  • Keep your garbage disposal in good working order