Geothermal HVAC

Maverick provides geothermal HVAC installations for both preexisting homes and new construction. We are proud to provide geothermal systems created by ClimateMaster.

How Geothermal Works

Just below its surface, the earth’s temperature is a constant 54 degrees. By burying a loop pipe system 250 feet below ground and circulating water through the pipes, we can harness the earth’s constant temperature to heat and cool your home.

  • In the winter, the water in the loop pipe system uses heat from underground to boost the home’s temperature.
  • In the summer, the water moves warm air from inside the home, down into the ground to remove the heat.
  • A highly efficient compressor makes final temperature adjustments using a very small about of electricity.
  • A radiant floor heating system can even be installed to heat your floor and driveway. Plus, all the components of the geothermal system are hidden away—no more unsightly units in your yard or windows.

A typical installation lasts between 3-5 days. One of 3 loop pipe system types may be used, depending on the size and topography of the lot.

Saving With Geothermal

Cost Savings

A federal tax credit saves you 30% off total costs when you install a geothermal HVAC system. A geothermal system can save homeowners between 30-70% on their heating bill. Geothermal systems save homeowners between 20-50% on the cost of air conditioning.

Energy Savings

Over 70% of total energy use in a typical home goes toward heating, cooling, and water heating. With geothermal, up to 80% of this energy comes directly from the earth. The EPA reports that replacing a typical HVAC system with geothermal has the same environmental impact as planting 750 trees.

Tax Credits

In October 2008, geothermal heat pumps were added to section 25D of the Internal Revenue Code, which provides a 30% tax credit for spending on qualified property placed in service through the end of 2016. With tax brackets increasing across the board, now may be the best time to upgrade.