Sewage Backups

Sewage Backups/Damaged Sewer Lines

A common cause of Sewer System Backups is the damage caused by tree roots.  Sewer pipe laterals connect a home’s internal sewer lines to the main sewer pipe, usually located in the street.  Because the pipes are buried and out of sight, homeowners may not even be aware there is a problem until it is too late.

Signs of Sewer System Back Ups

  • Backups in multiple drains at the same time
  • Water backup from toilet, shower, or sink drain
  • Strong sewage odor coming from drains or outside house
  • Pools of water near basement floor or floor drain
  • If toilet gurgles when sink is run or washer is used, or if backups occur in the bathtub or basement, it may be a problem with the main sewer line
  • If sinks do not drain properly or backup, but the toilet still flushes normally without backups, the problem may not be related to sewer backup.

What to do/possible solutions

  • When faced with a problem like this, the first step is to contact a plumbing professional at Maverick Plumbing. They can provide repair suggestions including:
    • Opening the drain with a special drain auger to clear the clog
    • Video camera inspection through the drain along the line to diagnose the backup
    • Clean out the clogged drain using pressurized water jets to thoroughly clean and scour the lines free of grease buildup, tree roots or other debris
    • Eliminate water leakage in the pipe by lining the entire sewer pipe in a protective sleeve casing which will harden, causing the tube to be sealed.
    • Use hydraulics to break apart old sewer pipes and install a new seamless pipe
    • Preventative Maintenance Plan to keep problems at bay and reduce expensive major repair costs