Slab Leaks

A leak underneath a home’s foundation is one of the most expensive and anxiety producing repairs a homeowner can experience.  Slab leaks occur when water or sewer lines buried beneath the foundation crack or break.  These can be caused by older pipes that are corroded and are often the result of years of sludge build-up within the pipe.  Tree roots can also be the source of the problem, especially if they are growing through the line.  Once water or sewer lines are damaged, the leaks can warp the foundation itself.

Signs you may have a slab leak

  • Noticeable water around the outside of the foundation/slab.
  • Shifting or expansion of soil around the foundation
  • Hearing running or dripping water when no faucets are open
  • Unexplained low water pressure
  • Floors may become uneven or warped causing wood floors to separate and tile floors to crack
  • Warm spots may appear on floor surfaces
  • Higher than normal water bills