Tree Root Intrusion

Signs of tree root intrusion

  • Bathtubs and showers do not drain properly
  • Gurgling sounds and noises coming from the toilet
  • Water in toilet does not refill when toilet is flushed
  • Sewage backup in the toilet and bathtub

Tree roots can grow into and inside of sewer pipes.  Pipe condensation, caused by differences in temperature of the pipes and the surrounding soil, attracts tree roots.  Tiny hair-like roots can easily find purchase in tiny separations between pipe sections, cracks or small holes.  Once the root hairs reach water, the tree responds by increasing root growth. Tree roots, once established inside a pipe will continue to grow until they completely block the pipe with tiny, hair-like root masses.  The clumps of roots act as a net for any debris passing through the line, including household fats, oils, grease as well as food and waste.  Undetected, the roots will continue to grow, eventually causing the pipe to break and collapse entirely.